Introduction. You're padding through a Forest. You're lost and can't find you're way back because Mist is everywhere. You suddenly scent cats and unsheath you're Claws crouching down. Three cats appear and you hide a gasp of fear thinking. I can't battle three cats! One looks really strong. A she-cat growls and meows. 'I know you're there.. Now stand up!' You stand up you're fur bristling you want to turn and flea but something keeps you in place. The cat spoke once more. 'I am Ice-Star, Leader of Mist-Clan what brings you into our Territory.' You stammer and say. 'I... I'm lost..' A tom growled but didn't say anything and Ice-Star meowed. 'Well why don't you join Mist-Clan?' You only nod and she responds as if she could see you nodding through the Mist. 'Follow us.' As the fog cleared you could see two she-Cats and a Tom. The one She-Cat was White with a Silver Muzzle and Underbelly and Grey Stripes with a Piercing Ice Blue Eye and a scarred black White Eye and a Star on her Forehead. The Tom was Peach colored with Blank white eyes and the other was a Totoriseshell She-Cat with Flame Colored Orange Eyes. She turned and ran and you followed keeping close to them you soon came to a Cave and they slowed down she padded in you and the two others following and you entered a cave like camp surrounded by Stone and Trees. There was a curved, dead tree in the camp and the Leader ran to it and leaped up. A new cat padded out as many others came and she leaped onto a branch. Ice-Star meowed her pelt and eye shining. 'Welcome to Mist-Clan young one.'       


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